Poznan Training and Conference Centre

Our PTCC Training and Conference Centre in Poznan comprises of modern and fully equipped, air-conditioned rooms where we will create perfect conditions to suit your needs. Are you looking for space for 10, 25 or perhaps 100 people?

With us you can organise any event that requires comfortable conditions! Only the best quality accommodation is involved? Yes, we have that and it’s close by. Do you want participants from different parts of the country to get there quickly and comfortably? Then you’re in the right place, because our centre is located in Poznań, 300 metres from the A2 motorway junction, and we have a large free car park with additional space for coaches.

Conference and Training Centre
The conference centre has 7 training rooms which can host from 18 to 100 people. A choice of seating arrangements allows you to optimise the space to suit the needs of the presenters. In addition, each room has modern equipment including projectors, microphones, screens and a professional sound system. We also have a cinema room at our guests’ disposal.
Webinar studio and professional live streaming for companies
Our Poznan Training and Conference Centre offers the possibility to organise online event and live streaming services for companies. We offer full hd or 4k streaming, so you can count on the perfect video and audio transmission! Professional live presentations require specialised equipment, a high-speed connection, high-resolution image and sound, as well as the help of qualified staff. What sets us apart in the market is the fact that we meet all these criteria at the highest level. Our webinar studio is also distinguished by the fact that we have a flexible and individual approach to our clients.
We offer several options to choose from, so there is an option to choose a set that is optimal for your event or training needs.
Attractive offer
The rooms, the catering and the cinema room are available in different options, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs and your budget. We also have a safety corner for children, where animators will take care of the kids if necessary.

Autodrome Poznań

Autodrome Poznań is one of the most modern automated driving technique improvement centres in Poland. It is here that you will test and improve your skills in driving and going through dangerous manoeuvres.

The huge area and numerous facilities allow you to carry out dedicated driving technique improvement training. It is also a place where you can effectively combine business with pleasure. How? A personalised themed event, integration of your company’s employees or perhaps an outdoor promotional picnic? Contact us and we will certainly come up with something together.

Independent Expert Group IEG

The Independent Expert Group (IEG) is a team of passionate automotive professionals who specialise in preparation and delivery of training for the automotive industry. This group offers a wide range of services, including product training for key automotive brands, develops and executes professional fleet hand-over.

IEG’s current focus is on electromobility and preparing the industry for the electrification of fleets on various levels, from consultancy to training and introduction of fleets into companies.

With its extensive experience and expertise, IEG is well placed to help its clients to prepare for future of motor industry that is increasingly focused on electromobility.

Meet our experts:

  • Daniel Jackowiak
  • Tomek Boruszak
  • Filip Kaczanowski
  • Filip Raszewski
Expert support in car selection
Support in negotiations with the supplier or the buyer
Professional car handover with use of the Autodrome and professional streaming studio
Hotline and Mobile Coach for users
Complementing the process with driving technique improvement and knowledge of the latest traffic regulations

Auto Szkoła

Auto Szkoła is our own project. It is here that you and your company can experience an incredible adventure, which at the same time will be a solid dose of knowledge – above all practical. If you’re looking for some variety for your event participants, you couldn’t find a better place.

We have prepared various options that will provide a large dose of adrenaline, but also invaluable skills for your guests. Our coaches will put them through their paces on a track with a kick plate, skid mats and water curtains, or take them on an off-road expedition with a large dose of practical knowledge and competitive elements.

We can also transport them to an electrifying world where, getting behind the wheel of a variety of electric cars, they will get a feeling where technology is going and acquire a lot of new knowledge and skills.

Improving your driving technique
We have a large range of training courses, varying in topics, intensity and duration. Choose the one that best suits your event. Want to improve the safety of your employees or contractors?

We will train them and give them a dose of excitement at the same time! Want your drivers or sales representatives to drive more economically?

We’ll teach them that! Want to give your guests an unforgettable adventure? We’ll take them on an off-road expedition during which we’ll show them how to navigate in difficult terrain, use winches safely, cross water, overcome fears and manage as a team.

Electric cars
Moving with the times, we also have electric cars in our fleet. Want to showcase something at your event that is sure to electrify everyone?

With our proprietary training on electric cars, participants will be able to drive and compare different models, learn interesting tricks, learn how to use chargers and gain a lot of useful knowledge. Still thinking about it?

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